Sunday, 2 June 2013

LG 42LS5600

With brilliant Full HD picture quality and LG’s cutting-edge motion processing, the LS5600 LED TV is a star performer.
It features DNLA connectivity for streaming music, movies and pictures around your home network, plus a USB connection for playing your favourite music or photos.

LG 42LS5600

"Fantastic picture quality and sound."

There is no doubting the picture quality which spans all themes and really brings natural history programs alive, which is supported by the great sound quality. The only let down is the remote control which is 'hit & miss' at times and takes too long to respond. The only missing feature is an integrated CD/DVD player but then again you can plug one in through a scart cable.

"Love the quality of LG"

I bought this TV as it seemed a good price for an LG TV. I would only buy LG as I think for quality (vision and sound) they are by far the best. The TV is a good size, although my room could maybe have done with 1 up (obviously no fault of LG).
Switching from AV to HDMI etc (Xbox to Satellite) can be frustrating as we have to do this from the side of the TV but this is genuinely my only complaint about it.
I really like the style and design, as I said the price is great and I would really recommend it.

"Surprised that it was this good"

As our first LG product purchase we wondered if it would be up to standard! It is, we have been delighted with the picture quality and ease of use. Would recommend.

"Great TV!"

This TV is brilliant in the family home! We went with an LG TV because we had one last time and they haven't let us down with this one. Bought it as an upgrade so we could watch in HD and there are plenty of HDMI cable to plug my Xbox, blue ray player and other boxes in! This picture quality is brilliant with no blurs or dull colours. So glad I bought this TV and will use LG again. One annoying feature is that energy saving is on and turns the telly off after a while with a five second notice. This is annoying if you are watching a programme but don't let it put you off!

"A good tv, does what it says on the box"

Quality picture,blu ray & HD superb. Sound is very good and the graphics on video games is spectacular. the only fault I have had is I cannot get the DNLA up and running but that is more down to me and not the TV. Overall I am well pleased with my TV and it also looks very good and stylish.